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glory hole privacy curtainPrivacy Curtain - $50.

If you want a more anonymous version of the GHTG add on a privacy curtain! 

Simply slip the curtain through the holder above the hole & depending on how much you pull up or down you can regulate your visibility on the other side of the hole. 

Black Privacy Curtain


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2014-10-04 17.05.57  2014-11-03 14.04.56  glory hole privacy curtain



2015-07-30 01.11.01

In the photos it looks grey, it's black.

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2015-07-30 01.11.352015-07-30 13.01.032015-07-30 13.02.272015-07-30 13.02.58IMG 8403IMG 8370



Privacy Panel - $75.


If you want the most anonymous possible version of the GHTG add on a privacy panel! 

The panel is made from stretch fleece, super soft but very strong it is attached by one inch wide velcro all the way round and it is double stiched, this pup is not coming loose. 

Now available in black or red!

I'm sure a good photographer could make the colors look really accurate, I dont have the talent or the eq. to do that. The red in the photos looks like its almost a pink, it is not it is more fire engine red.

The red panel photos are also a demo of how to put the panel on.  


Available in black or red:








The Extender - $125. 


The Extender is an additional (12 inch wide) panel made from the midnight canvas, just slip it on the bars to make your GHTG instantly wider and more anonymous when you encounter a wider space.

Perfect for the road warrior or anyone who uses their GHTG in a variety of locations, The Extender will instantly make your GHTG panel up to 42 inches wide from the standard 30 inches.

The way you handle the split between the 2 pieces is stupidly simple, it ships with a roll masking tape. Use that to join the 2 pieces together and eliminate any gap between them, masking tape sticks really well to canvas but leaves no glue residue behind and is available everywhere.


The Extender Panel




Folding Tripod Stool - $30.


This handy folding stool fits right into the GHTG carry bag, it's a great option on the road or at home. FREE SHIPPING! (US & Canada)

  • Perfect for hotel use
  • Measures 15.7" x 15" x 17"
  • Weight capacity 225 lbs.
  • Shoulder strap for convenient carry
  • Marine blue durable fabric
  • Gray steel tube legs
  • 2 lbs. 



trimcolorsCustom Color Trim - $10.


Customize the hole with some fancy color trim. Normally we trim it up in black, but we also offer:

  • Forest Green
  • Burgundy
  • Pacific Blue


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