The Freestanding

Available Now!

We have had plenty of requests from folks with open floorplans that want a glory hole that needs no doorway and that can be stashed away easily when not in use.

Here it is...

The Freestanding can be set up in seconds right next to the door, used in any room or in the garage, set it up anywhere. 

Made from industrial grade materials this GHTG is 6 feet tall, but folds down to 24x72x4 and easily stores under a bed, in a closet, or in the garage. When folded up the hole portion is on the interior, so even if you leave it standing in a corner no-one would think it's anything but a folded up screen. We height tested this with someone 6'3", he wasnt even close to being able to see over the top. However, if you are really concerned about that we even have an optional "roof".

This is commercial quality and heavy duty... shipping weight 46 pounds, so no free shipping on this product.

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