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We Make & Sell A Portable Glory Hole!


Who says a glory hole has to be permanent or made of hard material, we have re-thought the glory hole to make it quick & easy to set up and use at home or in a hotel, when it's packed up no-one will give it a second look.

We use steel tension bars combined with a high quality military grade canvas panel to create a discrete non-permanent portable glory hole adventure!

The hole itself can accommodate anyone 5'7" to 6'5", its trimmed in soft, easy to clean acrylic.


Set it up in minutes! 

Portable and Discreet!



We are using heavy weight cotton duck canvas which has a tighter weave and smoother texture than most single fill cotton ducks, making it stiffer & far more durable.

This material is really strong and will last for many years with a minimum of care.

You can build your own glory hole, or keep it simple and order a Glory Hole To Go!

 Shipping to the US and APO/FPO FREE.

All major credit cards accepted -- Bitcoin accepted.

Portable & Discrete

GHTG comes with a hand made storage bag, when it is packed up it looks like a yoga mat or event chair, it will never get a second look!


Supported By Steel Tension Bars




New Glory Hole: The Free Standing


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Special Introductry Offer:

Free Privacy Panel and Free US Shipping!




  • Almost 7 Feet Tall!
  • Stable Non-Slip Feet
  • Free Privacy Panel
  • Completely Portable
  • Easily Stored
  • Storage Bags Included
  • High Quality Components