One guy with a heavy duty sewing machine, that loves glory holes!

I hand make each and every one of these. Im a one man operation hand crafting each and every GHTG, I make them with care and attention to detail. I am producing a quality product that will last you for years.

If you ever damage it, or if you rip a seam somehow, ship it back to me & I will repair it free of charge.

 A little about me, when I turned 18 I spent way too much time at glory holes... and sadly over the years, more and more public glory holes have disappeared.

I may be a good deal older now, but I still love them.... the problem is finding them, the majority of the time they are in adult stores between the video booths. And depending on where you live those can be few and very far between. As much as I love finding them in that setting they can be risky for lots of reasons, if you love glory hole fun you already know that.

A certain amount of risk can add to the fun, we all know that, but as often as not I want to just relax, and really take my time enjoying the cock that has just popped through the hole and not have to feed $$ into a machine, or have someone bail because of a noise or a clerk that is in the mood to be a dick.

Aside from the adult stores that leaves public holes and private ones but finding a public glory hole these days is like spotting a unicorn, you hear stories...but!!!!

I started looking for a way to create my own, but thats a whole other set of issues. I like many, rent my place... the way its laid out works well for a glory hole (the front door opens into a hallway) but I cant very well build a wall with a glory hole in my apartment, and even if I could what am I supposed to do when friends stop by? Awkward!

So, that left me thinking about it, probably way too  

I decided I could figure this out!

I had requirements:

  • I wanted something I could put up & down in just a few minutes.
  • It needed to be well made and burly enough for hundreds of uses.
  • It could not be too heavy or too bulky.
  • It also had to be adjustable to fit different widths.
  • It had to be very discreet when packed up.
  • The hole height needed to work for the short and tall.
  • It had to be easy to clean, durable, and very portable.

Thats quite a list of "wants" so I started thinking, I also guessed I was not the only person wanting something like this. That led to many failed attempts at finding the perfect materials and a design that would make a really high quality, easy to use product that will last for years! 

I think I pulled it off.... I hope you agree!



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