It sure is, you may have heard about layaway, but what exactly is it?

To put something on layaway, you are agreeing to spread the cost of an item out over several payments. The item stays with seller until the full amount is paid, there are no extra charges or interest. But, if you change your mind you are charged a cancellation fee.




What is our layaway policy?

  • Agreement Length: 6 Months (max)
  • Number of Payments: 3 or more ($50. min.)
  • Down Payment: 33% of Total
  • Cancellation Fee: 33% of Total*
  • Layaway is offered on all our models including custom.

Once you pay the deposite we add you to our job list and as soon as its paid off we will ship it. If you are using layaway for a custom panel we do not begin making it, until it is fully paid.

We will provide you with the URL of a secure payment form and you can make as many payments as often as you like ($50.00 min), or simply make 3 monthly payments, we leave that up to you.

Feel free to add a privacy panel or curtain, and any other accessories you like to your order.

If you want to use our layaway program please Contact Us & let us know what you want to order, we will get back to you asap with an invoice and a secure payment url.


*Any order not fully paid by the end of the 6 month term is considered abandoned and no refund of any kind will be offered.


In the US & APO/FPO

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