blk portable glory hole stickEach GHTG is handmade, so if you need every single line 100% straight and every corner at exactly the right angle matching exactly the opposite corner... then this isn't for you... this is not manufactured by a milling machine in china. It is made by a actual human sitting at a sewing machine not too far from Seattle.

After the initial assembly I go over each one of these & make sure all the stitching is solid, if I see something I do not like I toss it back on the machine and add more stitching, do I worry if its 100% in line with what I am sewing over, no I don't... its all about solid and strong, and durable. That being said, I am going to finish it as nicely as I can.

I am using really high quality canvas, and every other component is the very best I have been able to source. The intent is for this to last you many years, this is not a throwaway piece of junk.

I started with the original and since then have added new products, each product has the care instructions at the bottom of its page.

The edge trim is a soft acrylic weave that is normally used on awnings. I choose it because it is made to last & it is SOFT, last thing you need is some

midnight.gloryholeBecause it is so soft it is difficult to work with, I hand pin it every half inch or so, then sew a straight stitch all the way around to lock it into place. After that I go back over it again with a zigzag stitch to lock it down even more, it also makes the hole edge a bit more rigid.  

Sew (sorry, I had to) if you cant hang with hand crafted.... then order one of those cheap knock off glory holes from china! What I'm getting at is this... if you can't appreciate it for what it is, then do not order it!

If you ever have too much fun and somehow manage to damage it (anything is possible) or if a seam ever comes loose, repairs are always free... forever! 



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