Please keep in mind, Im a better glory hole maker, than I am a photographer!

Custom Width & Hole: Here are a few pics from a custom GHTG, this one needed to be wider than usual (just a hair under 34 inches) another request was for a shorter hole, from 10 inches to just around 8. It also included a black privacy curtain


Custom Black: Here are a few photos from a custom black panel I made.


Custom Black 45x79: This one is a custom panel 45x79 inches in black canvas, the installation of this panel requires it to be mounted on a slight angle and higher than normal.

This one also required extra long spring tension bars that will sit on top of a door frame, the bars will be prevented from moving by a dowel that can be instantly removed along with any trace a glory hole was here.

The hole was offset about 4 inches in height & its also offset from the center line to allow for a more comfortable position for everyone involved.


GHTG The Heavy (30 inch wide)


Privacy Panel: Here are a few additional pics of the privacy panel. I have to do a little disclamer here, I'm sure a good photographer could make the colors look really accurate, I dont have the talent or the eq. to do that. The light grey images are a custom order, and are pretty accurate in color. The other images of the panel that appear dark grey are really black. The red in the photos looks like its almost a pink, it is not it is more fire engine red.

The Red panel is also a demo of how to put the panel on.

I can make the privacy panel in most any color, but its a special order, I only keep the black or red in stock. Another alternative to make the hole more noticable if you are getting black on black is to order yours with color hole trim, we stock burgundy, blue and green.


Custom Black 75x80: Here is another custom panel, this one is over 6 ft. wide and just a hair under 7 ft. tall, you are looking at it from the visitor side in the first photo.

Notice what looks like a cord in the lower right corner, thats is a tie down point, as you can see in the second photo the shape of the space prevents a lower bar being used so there is an adjustable tie down on each corner, in these photos its not fully set up. The width of the panel is slightly over sized for the entryway to allow it to spread wide at the bottom.


Privacy Panel & Color Trim: This one is a Midnight with a black privacy panel plus the Burgundy hole trim.

The privacy panel can be ordered in black or red or if you want any other color I can order it in. Another alternative to make the hole more noticable if you are getting black on black like the one pictured, is to order yours with color hole trim, we stock burgundy, blue and green.


 Custom Black 75x39:

image3I just have the one photo of this panel in its new home, a custom sized midnight.




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