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The DD is handmade from black canvas and features two holes, one above the other, intended for easy oral and doggystyle play.

It comes with a privacy panel up top (we can do a curtain if you prefer) and below instead of a smaller curtain just covering the hole there is a large panel that attaches above the hole and drops down below the bottom of the lower bar all the way down to the floor.

curtain loose2The lower curtain runs almost full width (as does the velcro on the GHTG side) the removable panel has only about 6 inches of velcro on it, we want it to come off easily without it putting up too much resistance. With the ghtg side being full width velcro you dont have to be concerned with matching up short bits of velcro and you can more easily attach it and remove it. 

The GHTG panel is made shorter than a standard one, allowing it to be mounted higher in the doorway and allow your legs to slip under the bottom bar for some backside fun!

This is our most elaborate product to date and was inspired by a custom order from a married couple that wanted her to be able to do anything she wanted yet stay as anonymous as possible.

We will need one measurement from you before we actually start making it (we will be in touch after you place your order).


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  What's in the Package:

  • 1ea. Double Duty Canvas Panel (Sized for 30in. doorway.)
  • 2ea. Spring Based Tension Bars (will fit 26-42in. openings)
  • 1ea. Privacy Panel
  • 1ea. Large Lower Privacy Curtain
  • 1ea. Canvas Carry Bag


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Care & Handling of The Double Duty:

We suggest you spot clean The DD. Black canvas comes to us "preshrunk" but our wash tests show it still shrinks a bit depending on how you handle it. Our test panel was 30 inches wide before we washed in warm water and dried it on med heat, after washing we had a 29.5 inch wide panel, and of course you will lose a little length as well.

Washing with hot water will shrink canvas. Drying at any heat level can shrink canvas. Drying on hot will shrink it for sure!!!!! So if you do choose to machine wash The DD, wash in cold water on the delicate cycle and hang to dry. 


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 Approx. 3-6 weeks from the time you place your order until shipment.

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