Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an expedited order?

To some extent!

Please let me know if you have a timing issue or shipping window, & I'm happy to work with you as much as possible, I deal with that all the time.

That being said, that does not mean that because you are in a hurry, I'm going to bump your order ahead of someone else's, they want their GHTG just as much as you want yours.

If you are wondering what the current lead time is, look on any product page. In the right hand column there is a block called "Shipping Time" it lists the approximate time before your order will ship if you were to place your order today. I am pretty good at keeping that up to date, please place your order asap to get in the job queue.

Keep in mind this is a handmade product and it is being made for you specifically, and I would rather be a bit slower than send out junk.

A while back I put something on the site about letting me know if you had a timing issue or were trying to get this in time for a trip and all of a sudden everyone had a huge time crunch.

I finally had to figure out a way to get that under control and I did, if you want expedited service, a $100.00 rush fee bumps you to the front of the job queue.

Sometimes that means I get going on it the next day & other times it means your ship time drops down from 3 weeks to 1, please check with me and I will let you know what kind of a time difference it will make, if you decide you want to go for it.

If you want to use the expedited service option, just place you order on the website and then you can pay for expedited here


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What about shipping?


We ship globally, details & pricing can be found here.

To date we have shipped GHTG's to the UK, Japan, Belgum, Australia, France, Germany, Austria, Canada and overseas APO/FPO addresses without issue. 

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Can I cancel an order?


Yes you can, but only before we start working on it, once we start cutting and sewing, you own it! 

Normally it takes a few days and sometimes weeks before we begin working on your GHTG, so you have plenty of time, but dont delay.

As long as you get in touch before we start working on it we will cancel your order and issue a refund, less processing fees.

IMPORTANT: When we do issue a refund it will be the purchase amount LESS (MINUS) the charges we are charged by paypal. Paypal keeps all the fees they charged us anytime we issue a refund and we are not going to literally pay for you to change your mind. That being said the fees arent huge usually somewhere between $10-$15 (possibly more or less).

So please dont purchase thinking, Im not sure I want it but I can always change my mind, yeah you can (as long as we havent started working on it) but it will cost you somewhere between $10-$15 (possibly more or less).

Yes that is annoying, if you have a complaint please take it up with paypal it is thier policy not ours.


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Is your packaging and billing discreet?




Yes, on both accounts, the billing shows on your statement as GHTG-paypal.

We ship in priority mail packaging or the occasional plain brown box and our return address name is GHTG.

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Can I order a custom GHTG?


Yes you can!  

Please visit the custom information page for more information

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What is the return policy?


Due to the intimate nature of the GHTG product line, returning a product is not possible. Sorry, no merchandise credit can be issued.  

That being said, so far not one person has asked about a return, we are going to do everything we can to make you happy!  

Not only that but you are going to be delighted by our great service.

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What is the standard size GHTG?


The panel size is approx. 30x75 inches.  

The tension bars will fit in a space as narrow as 26 inches and as wide as 39 inches. If you need something custom or a little tweak, just ask.

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How do I clean it?


Care information for each GHTG is on the bottom of each product page.


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Is it okay if someone leans on the top bar?


Bars on all models (except The Heavy) ship with steel, spring based tension bars, the steel bars will fit really tight and are excellent at holding the GHTG in place, that being said.

Some common sense needs to be applied here, if some dude hangs his body weight on the top tension bar because you are making him go weak in the knees (first... hats off to your skills), then you are at risk of the top bar coming loose and if it does come loose, at the very least it is going to ruin the moment. 

There are 2 "Do not lean here" lables (right below the top bar) on each GHTG.  

If you notice someone is putting weight on the top bar, we strongly suggest you let the person on the other side of the hole know they should not put weight on the bar. 


Bars used for The Heavy:

The Heavy is intended for a semi permanent install and requires you use the mounting hardware. With the mounting hardware in place the top bar can support up to 175 pounds, so it's not that big a deal if someone leans on it, if however you do not have the mounting hardware in place please read the information below.

The tension bars are solid heavy and really strong, they can be tensioned into an opening really tightly, so tight in fact you can damage the doorway, or possibly have a difficult time loosening them.  

Some common sense needs to be applied here, if some dude hangs his body weight on the top tension bar, then you are at risk of the top bar coming loose, and if it does come loose you could get hurt, possibly badly.  

There are a lot of variables involved here, like what kind of opening, wood vs steel vs plasterboard vs whatever... and how tight did you get the tension, so not knowing the exact conditions you are using it in, the only answer we can possibly provide is... if your partner is leaning on the bar tell them to stop.  

There are also 2 "Do not lean here" lables (right below the top bar) on each GHTG.  

If you notice someone is putting weight on the top bar, we strongly suggest you let the person on the other side of the hole know they should not put weight on the bar (if you are using it in a doorway tell them to lean on or grip the doorframe).  

We also strongly suggest you tighten the tension bars as tight as possible, without damaging anything. That being said, you are going to get a feel for how solid the bar is in place, (give it a good tug once you have it up).  


Can I damage my doorway or walls with the steel tension bars used with the heavy?  

You bet your ass you can!  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE BARS!!  We are not using crap components, the tension bars are steel and if you overtighten them you can damage paint, a wall, or a door frame.  

That being said, as long as you do not overtighten them, you shouldn't have any issues. Once you use it a time or two, you will get a feel for it.  Once you have it up, give it a good tug to make sure you are good to go. Last thing you want is for that bar to come down and clock you on the back of the head!!!!



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Can I get replacement parts?



Use the contact form and let us know what you need.

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What if I need a repair?


We stand behind our work, if something goes wrong get in touch, if we can repair the panel we will.

So far we haven't had one returned for any reason... yup, feeling pretty good about that!.

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Is there a storage bag?

Your GHTG comes in a hand made storage bag, at the moment they are a really nice olive drab ripstop cotton and I'll be making the bags with that until I run out. 

I was using black canvas but the ripstop is bit lighter in weight and the lighter the better as far as I am concerned when it comes to toting anything :)


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What color are the tension bars?


The compression bars are either dark or white or occasionally brushed chrome, I try to ship dark bars with dark canvas and light colored bars with lighter colored canvas... but....

Occasionally I have a hard time getting one color vs the other in the proper size, if that is the case I simply ship what I have, it is irrelevent to the function and no-one sees them anyway (or gives a crap), they are there for other things.

I tried a number of different bars before I settled on this one in particular, they are quality and I open and test each one when I am packaging up your order. If it came down to shipping you a lower quality to get you a different color bar... not going to happen, I ship what I have. If you ever lose one, I do have replacements avail.


The heavy duty twist to expand are chrome.



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Where Can I Find A Glory Hole To Use?


If you want to visit a glory hole has a huge glory hole list including a location map, the site currently has about 13,000 posts and over 45,000 users.

If you have a glory hole and you want folks to know about it feel free to post about it there.

There is also an international section in case you are taking a trip (thats pretty new).


Another great resource is reddit the link below will take you directly to the best spot for that. They have turned off the ability to comment because of trolls, so if you find a hole you want to visit, use the messaging system to contact the host for details.


Lastly there is Hole Hunter, its not been around that long but its rapidly gaining popularity and it already has an extensive list of holes


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